5 Common Car Insurance Defense Tactics

5 Common Car Insurance Defense Tactics

It is a sad truth, but let’s put it out in the open from the start. Insurance companies want to devalue your claim and pay you the least amount of money they can when attempting to compensate you for your accident claim. As much as the commercials may say otherwise, they want to find any information they can to use against you to pay you as little as possible. However, often times, they use some of the same tactics over and over in order to discredit your claim. Therefore, here are “5 Common Car Insurance Defense Tactics” that insurance companies use and here are some ways you might be able to combat them.

Tactic #1: Insurance Companies Look At Your Social Media

Insurance companies will review your social media profile to learn everything they can about you. They look for status updates and comments such as “I am not hurt” and “I am okay” in order to show that you were not hurt after the accident. They also look for photos of you doing physical activity to show that you did not suffer an injury.

Solution: Be sure not to post anything on social media until after your accident is completed. If you must post, be sure to put all your social media to private and do not post anything that relates to the accident or may hurt your claim. Try to tell friends and family not to tag you in any posts.

Tactic #2: Insurance Companies Will Request Your Phone Records

This typically does not arise until litigation, but the insurance company will often ask for phone records to show that you were texting and driving or on a phone call. This will allow them to argue that you were distracted during the accident and because of that, you may have some partial liability.

Solution: Be sure to not be on your phone while driving, especially not texting and driving. If you have to take a phone call or answer a text, be sure to pull off the road before doing so.

Tactic #3: Substantial Review Of Medical Records

Insurance companies will review your medical records with a fine-tooth comb in order to find any inconsistencies or gaps in treatment. They will wade through the details in order to find some reasoning to show that you are not hurt.

Solution: If you are hurt, be sure to treat as soon as you can after an accident and make sure to heed your doctor’s advice when it comes to treatment recommendations. Avoid gaps in treatment and make sure that you are taking your health seriously.

Tactic #4: Recorded Statement

As soon as they can, the insurance company is going to try to get you on the phone for a recorded statement. They want to induce you to say you are not hurt or to not mention that a body part hurts so they can use that against you later. For example, you may not mention during the recorded statement that your neck hurts because injuries sometimes take time to reveal themselves. A few days after the accident, you mention to your doctor that your neck does hurt. When your attorney is arguing your case and mentions your neck pain, the insurance company is going to say that you never mentioned that injury in the recorded statement and it must not be from the accident.

Solution: Before doing a recorded statement, contact a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. If you do not want an attorney, at the least, contact a medical professional so your have somewhat of an understanding as to your injuries at that time.

Tactic #5: Attractive (Lowball) Offer

On more occasions than I can recall, I have heard of clients getting the infamous call from the insurance company. During the conversation it comes out that “we understand this has happened to you and we would like to offer you $$$$ (typically $1000-$2000) to compensate you for this accident.” Often times, this will not fully compensate you for your current medical expenses, your future medical expenses, your pain and suffering, your lost wages, and many other damages you may experience due to the accident.

Solution: Contact a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to review the offer with you to make sure that you are maximizing your claim.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

A variety of injuries can result from an auto accident. Some can be seen immediately like bumps, bruises, and severe breaks while others may not be seen like bulges, herniations, and tears. Some may be felt immediately while others may worsen over time. Some common auto accident injuries include but are not limited to:

·       Back Injuries

·       Neck Injuries

·       Whiplash

·       Concussions

·       Headaches

·       Broken Bones & Fractures

·       Shoulder Injuries

·       Traumatic Brain Injuries

·       Spinal Cord Injuries

Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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