5 Things You Should NOT Do After A Car Accident

5 Things You Should NOT Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents are a scary and stressful situation. While there are many things that you should do, there are also some things that you should remember not to do. In the long run, some of these things can have an affect later on in your claim. Although many things can be corrected, especially with the help of an experienced car accident attorney, it is best to make sure these things are addressed from the beginning. After a car accident, you should avoid:

1. Posting on social media

Many want to post on social media about the property damage and how they are doing after the car accident to let their family and friends know they are okay. The insurance company searches your profile and screen shots these posts to use against you at a later time. It is best not to post until your accident claim is finished.

2. Not calling 911

It is so important to have the local authorities come out after your car accident to create a report and document what happened. Moreover, this report often has important information including the contact information and insurance information of the other party. This report allows the claim investigation to get started that much quicker.

3. Not taking your injuries serious

Often times, many want to downplay their injuries and do not want to get checked out after a car accident. It is important to get checked out, even if you are not in significant pain because you may not even realize how truly hurt you are. Let a doctor examine you to make sure there are no serious injuries. Your health is most important.

4. Not taking photos of the scene

Photos are worth a thousand words and that is especially true when it comes to car accident claims. Be sure to take photos of ALL vehicles involved, the scene of the accident, any licenses or insurance cards, anything else you might find relevant. Photos can be so important when getting the maximum compensation out of your claim.

5. Not getting a car accident attorney before talking to the other driver’s insurance

The at-fault insurance company is typically a for profit company that is trying to get as much information out of you as possible to use against you in the future. They want to compensate you as little as possible. You have NO obligation to call them or give them a statement. Be sure to contact an experienced car accident attorney before speaking to the other party’s insurance so your position can be established correctly from the beginning.

Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorney

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