Accident in Southshore? 5 Things You Should Do

Accident in Southshore? 5 Things You Should Do

The Southshore community of Florida is a beautiful area. Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Ruskin, and Sun City Center are great cities to live, work, and raise a family. However, even in areas such as these fine cities, accidents still occur. Therefore, to protect your rights, here are 5 things that you should consider doing if you find yourself in an accident in the Southshore area.

1. Take pictures.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so take as many as you can. Take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident, the other driver’s ID, the other driver’s insurance card, the accident scene itself, street signs, and anything else you might think could be valuable evidence. The more information your Southshore accident attorney has, the quicker they can get started.

2. Get yourself checked out by a medical professional.

Even if you do not feel pain right away, it is best to get checked out to rule out any potential injuries. The Southshore area has a lot of great medical providers. Take the opportunity to make sure you are okay.

3. Write down what happened.

Accident details often fade. It is important that if you are involved in an accident in the Southshore area that you right down what happened in case you have to recall any details later on.

4. Do not post on social media.

Insurance companies often check social media accounts and use the things that you post against you. It is important that you do not post on social media until after your Southshore accident claim is resolved so the insurance company does not use those posts to lessen your recovery.

5. Find a personal injury attorney that is familiar with the Southshore area.

It is important that the person that represents you understands where the accident happened so they can properly articulate that to the insurance company and if needed, to a jury. They should understand the traffic patterns, issues on the popular roadways, and those small details that can bring your case value to its highest. Growing up in Apollo Beach, I myself know the Southshore area incredibly well. I made a promise to myself long ago that I would protect these individuals to the best of my ability and would make sure their rights were not only protected, but properly asserted.

Accident in southshore? I can help!

If you have any questions about your Southshore personal injury claim, I am here for you. I understand that the process after an incident can be difficult and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation and will review your claim with you personally at one of the office locations in TampaZephyrhills, or Saint Petersburg. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

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