Are Insurance Adjusters Trying To Get You Money After An Accident?

Are Insurance Adjusters Trying To Get You Money After An Accident?

Many of times, I get a call from potential client that they are at a cross roads. They understand that they need a car accident attorney to get the most out of their claim. However, the insurance adjuster for the at-fault insurance company has been so nice up until this point. However, although many adjusters may come across as nice, they are typically motives behind it. Is it not curious that they would be offering you money when they have not seen one medical record or bill, especially when you might have received treatment? Therefore, why are insurance adjusters trying to get you money after an accident?

Is Being Nice A Negotiation Tactic?

Remember, the insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and on behalf of their insured (the at-fault in this case), not you. Insurance adjusters are not typically in these business to get you the most amount of money for your claim. These are typically for-profit companies that are trying to do everything they can to get you to settle your claim for the least amount possible. Being nice in the beginning can often be considered one of their negotiation tactics. They want you to feel comfortable so they can get you to take a quick settlement.

How Can An Insurance Adjuster Know What My Claim Is Worth In The Beginning?

As I have often called the famous, “$1500 phone call”, insurance companies are notorious for giving early low-ball offers in the beginning of a claim. You may think to yourself, well this is all my claim must be worth. I highly advise anyone that ever receives an offer from the insurance company to reach out to an experienced and qualified personal injury and accident attorney to discuss this offer. I can tell you, you are typically leaving money on the table considering the smallest bodily injury policy they write in Florida at the time of writing this article is $10,000.00.

The insurance company is very unlikely to know what your case is worth in the beginning. This is especially true when they do not know the extent of your injuries, your lost wages, your future medical needs, and are unlikely to have done a proper evaluation of your pain and suffering. As I said above, they are typically for-profit companies trying to get you to move your case along as quickly as possible for the least amount possible. As my mother used to say, “haste makes waste”, so be sure to not waste your opportunity to recover what you deserve.


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