Can My Passengers Sue Me After A Car Accident?

Can My Passengers Sue Me After A Car Accident?

You consider yourself to be the “bus driver” for lack of better terms. The nice driver that loads all of their friends up into their personal vehicle to transport everyone to the destination of choice. But, could that kindness open you up to a substantial amount of risk if a car accident occurs? Can you be sued by your passengers after a car accident? Sadly, it is possible.

Can I Be On Liable To My Passengers After A Car Accident?

Yes, you can. If you have passengers in the vehicle and you are found to be at fault for the accident, you may be held accountable by those passengers. In the event that your insurance company cannot resolve the claim within your policy limits, you may be sued personally. The solution? Be vigilant on the road to start. However, accidents do happen. What else should be done instead of loading everyone up into your vehicle?

1. Take ridesharing such as Uber or Lyft

2. Meet at the venue

3. Order a taxi or car service

4. Have someone else drive

Can The Owner Of A Vehicle Be Liable To Passengers After A Car Accident?

The owner of a car is strictly vicariously liable if the driver of the car’s negligence causes damages due to a Florida car accident. This law is known as the dangerous instrumentality doctrine. A person who appears on the title as an owner or co-owner is a beneficial owner and therefore, has the right to control the vehicle. This makes them liable should an accident occur.

This is something that parents should ABSOLUTELY warn their children about. For example, high schooler Susie Smith takes three friends to the movie theater a vehicle owned by John and Mary Smith, her parents. On the way, Susie rear ends the back of a vehicle injuring her three passengers. Not only is Susie liable as the driver, but John and Mary are also liable as the owners of the vehicle. What should be done?

1. Be very cautious who you let drive your vehicle

2. Make sure you have high limits of insurance that protect your assets

3. Warn your children not to allow passengers in your vehicles

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