Can Posting On Social Media Hurt My Car Accident Case?

Can Posting On Social Media Hurt My Car Accident Case?

Many clients inquire, many times at the beginning of their claim, if social media posts can hurt their car accident case. Insurance companies continue to get smarter as time goes on. That increase mixed with a significant amount of resources can prove to be problematic for car accident claimants. With those resources, insurance companies often hire investigators. Those investigators are tasked with doing what ever it take, legally of course, to find information to devalue your car accident claim. One of the first things they typically look at is social media.

We all want to keep our many Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok followers engaged and entertained. However, those photos of you Olympic lifting after your accident, climbing a mountain, and participating in sports can prove to be an issue.

Social Media Tips After A Car Accident

What should you do on social media after a car accident? Here are some social media tips to consider:

– After an accident, make all social media inactive

– If you must be on social media, make your accounts private

– Do not post photos of the accident

– Do not post statuses about how you feel

– Do not posts photos of you participating in any significant physical activity

– Avoid posting dancing and raising of arms and legs

– Advise family not to post photos of you

– Do not delete posts and photos

– Keep your presence as limited a possible

Social Media Could Cost You Thousands

I understand that social media has become a huge part of our lives. We want to be active and show our friends and family the great things we are doing. However, if you want to collect what you deserve, do not sacrifice that over a few photos. Can social media hurt your car accident case? As you can see above, absolutely. They say a photo is worth 1000 words, it may be worth thousands of dollars as well.

Social Media After A Car Accident Settlement

Many want to share the outcome of their claim after an accident. I highly recommend against it. Many of those post-accident settlements are considered confidential as per the release you execute. Many are not, but there is no need to take that chance. If you violate that release, it could prove to cause issues. Therefore, it is best to put the settlement behind you and keep those details private.


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