Do I Still Have A Car Accident Case If I Do Not Treat Within 14 Days?

Do I Still Have A Car Accident Case If I Do Not Treat Within 14 Days?

In the State of Florida, car accidents happen each day. You might have seen ads and articles about the importance of treating within 14 days of the accident. Many may confuse this advice with the ability of moving forward with an accident case. You may wonder, do I still have a car accident case if I do not treat within 14 days of the accident? You absolutely can still have a case. Treating within 14 days allows you to protect and use your personal injury protection benefits, also known as No Fault benefits. But, again, just because you do not use those benefits does not keep you from going after other insurance coverage available.

What Is No-Fault Insurance Coverage?

No Fault coverage, also known as personal injury protection benefits or PIP for short, provides coverage of up to $10,000.00 for medical expenses and other accident-related expenses. This could also include lost wages, typically 60% of the amount owed. No fault coverage is provided to any party regardless of fault and is required in the State of Florida. Only limited circumstances keep one from not being provided with No Fault coverage.

If I Do Not Treat Within 14 Days, Can I Still Go After The At Fault’s Insurance?

You can absolutely still attempt to go after the at-fault’s insurance as well as your own uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage. Again, No Fault coverage is completely separate and not dependent on any other coverage. If you do not treat within 14 days you are very likely to miss out on your No Fault coverage. But, as I said above, other coverages may be available. Do not let the insurance company convince you otherwise, you are still entitled to compensation. Each case is different on its merit and I very much recommend speaking to an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney to see what benefits and insurance coverages you may be entitled to.

Common Insurance Company Arguments

The insurance company will often try to argue that because you waited over 14 days to treat that you must not be that hurt. Or they may try to argue that even if you have injuries, they must not be that severe if you waited so long to treat. Plenty of injuries can take time to reveal themselves. However, it is in your best interest to treat as soon as possible after an accident, even if it is just to get checked out. This is to rule out more significant injuries, to protect insurance benefits, and to prevent future arguments that the insurance company will attempt to make against you.

Common Injuries After A Car Accident

Some common injuries that occur after a car accident include but are not limited to:

– Neck injuries

– Back injuries

– Head injuries

– Concussion

– Spinal cord injuries

– Broken bones

– Wrongful death

– Lacerations

– Dizziness

– Sleep disturbance

– Facial injuries

– Bumps & Bruises

– Loss of range of motion

– Whiplash


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