Does The At-Fault Party In A Car Accident Have The Coverage You Think They Have?

Does The At-Fault Party In A Car Accident Have The Coverage You Think They Have?

“But, they had FULL COVERAGE!” I hear that phrase so often when it comes to describing what kind of insurance coverage the other party (at-fault party) may have had in a car accident claim. But truthfully, full coverage does not mean what you may think it truly means in the State of Florida. Sadly, bodily injury coverage is not required in Florida which means you could be involved in an accident and be on the hook personally for medical bills and expenses.

Is Bodily Injury Coverage Required In Florida?

Bodily injury insurance coverage is the coverage that the at-fault party has. Essentially, that is the insurance coverage you can go after and to try to obtain to cover medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. There is NO requirement in Florida for a driver to carry bodily injury coverage. That means the at-fault party in the auto accident can legally drive around without any coverage to cover your medical expenses and other future damages.

What Auto Insurance Coverage Is Required In Florida?

Only personal injury protection insurance (PIP coverage), also known as no-fault coverage, and liability coverage are required in the State of Florida. In most instances, you can not go after the other parties PIP coverage, only they are protected. Liability coverage only covers damages to the vehicles and other property that may have been damaged, nothing medical. The minimum liability coverage is $10,000.00 meaning anything over $10,000.00 you would be personal responsible for. You will also have PIP coverage on your policy that is required, however that only covers 80% of the medical bills and 60% of lost wages up to $10,000.00 total. Therefore, you will be on the hook personally for the 20% and anything over the $10,000.00.

How Can I Protect Myself In A Car Accident?

In order to protect yourself should a car accident occur, it is important that you contact your insurance carrier to make sure that you have uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage is not required in the State of Florida. Therefore, it is important that you request it. Uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage is insurance coverage that protects you should the party that causes the accident not have bodily injury coverage, failed to have any insurance coverage, or does not have enough bodily injury coverage. Uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage can be stacked on top of bodily injury coverage.

How Can I Protect My Property In A Car Accident?

In order to protect your property in a car accident, it is important that you contact your insurance carrier to make sure that you have collision coverage. Collision coverage covers the costs of the damages to your vehicle should there not be any coverage or not enough coverage. Should there not be enough collision coverage, you would be responsible for those costs. Therefore, it is important to have at the bare minimum, enough coverage to cover the replacement cost of your vehicle.

Common Car Accidents Injuries

Car accidents happen far too often. Many times they result in severe injuries. Some of these injuries can include but are not limited to:

– Head Injuries

– Concussions

– Traumatic Brain Injuries

– Bone Breaks & Fractures

– Bruises, Abrasions, & Lacerations

– Neck Injuries

– Back Injuries

– Knee Injuries

– Shoulder Injuries

– Internal Injuries

– Death

Common Types Of Car Accidents

There are many different types of car accidents that happen in Florida. Sadly, there is no way to guarantee that you will not be involved in an accident, especially if it is due to the negligence of another. However, if an accident does occur, I will personally review your situation with you at no cost so I can help you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Some of the most common types of auto accidents that occur in Florida include:

–  Rear- End Accidents

– Distracted Driving Accidents

– Side-Impact Accidents

– Head-On Accidents

– Multi-Vehicle Accidents

– Side-Swipe Accidents

Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorney

I understand that the process after getting into a car accident in Florida can be difficult and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation and will review your accident claim with you personally at one of the office locations in TampaZephyrhillsSaint Petersburg, or Clearwater. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

Contact Car Accident Attorney Kevin L. Sullivan II TODAY at (813) 598-4868 for a FREE no-obligation consultation. I look forward to assisting you with your claim!

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