Did That Post Just Cost Me Thousands of Dollars?!

Did That Post Just Cost Me Thousands of Dollars?!

Let me paint a picture for you. A large concern for plaintiff’s counsel each day. You prepare a fantastic case for mediation. You have done all the due diligence necessary. You are ready to go to the mat for your client and if their case does not resolve, you are ready to go the distance. You share your client’s story, how they were permanently injured in an accident. Their life would never be the same. The defense then presents their side ending with a photograph. It was of the plaintiff rock climbing only a few days before mediation. The photo was posted to their social media.

The whole novel changes and you are in for an uphill battle fighting for your client. Now I am not saying this is the exact fact pattern, however, I have had some situations I have had to navigate through. Successfully, of course… But, so much of this story was preventable and there are certain considerations you should take when it comes to social media. After all, one wrong post could cost you thousands of dollars….

Social Media Considerations After An Accident

1. After an accident, do not post on social media. That especially means physical activities.

2. Even if you think the defense will not see, there is a good chance they may.

3. Put your social media to private.

4. Do not post things after an accident such as “I am okay” or “I’m fine.”

5. Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know.

6. Avoiding posting about fault or guilt

7. Do not post photos or videos of the accident or scene.

8. Be sure family members do not post about the accident.

9. Be careful to “check in” to places. This could show you are still active.

10. If you must post, when in doubt about a post, do NOT post it!  

Protect Yourself… And Your Claim…

Posting on social media can cost you thousands of dollar if you are not careful. Insurance companies are notorious for searching your social media attempting to find evidence to devalue your claim. After all, it is very difficult to show that you suffered a significant back injury when you have a photo of yourself deadlifting 300lbs or “checking in” to the gym 5 times a week. Take a social media hiatus and protect your claim so you can get the compensation that you deserve.


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