Siente dolor de espalda después de un accidente de coche de San Petersburgo, ¿qué debo hacer?

Siente dolor de espalda después de un accidente de coche de San Petersburgo, ¿qué debo hacer?

After a car accident in Saint Petersburg, people often suffer injuries to their body. They may feel sore in multiple areas. One of the areas I often discuss with individuals after a car accident is pain from their back. While back pain may resolve itself over time in some instances, other times, such as after an accident, it may require significant care.

What Causes Back Pain After A Car Accident?

Typically, the initial impact causes a sudden quick movement to stop motion. An airbag, seat belt, steering wheel or something else in the vehicle may abruptly stop your body after the impact. That quick, violent motion to abrupt stop can cause a variety of injuries including injuries to your back. The back essentially absorbs some of the force and pressure from the collision. Therefore, you may be feeling back pain after a Saint Petersburg car accident. For a more detailed explanation of how your back injury may have happened, you will want to contact an experienced medical provider.

Back Injury Signs and Symptoms

Back pain signs and symptoms can arise in a variety of ways after a car accident. Sometimes the symptoms may arise right away. Other times, the symptoms may not appear until hours or even days later. Just because it may seem mild at first does not mean that you should not see a doctor. Some back injury symptoms may include but are not limited to:

– Discomfort

– Pain

– Sleep disturbance

– Muscle spasms

– Numbness & tingling

– Radiating pain into lower body

– Stiffness & tightness

– Difficulty walking

What To Do For Back Pain After A Car Accident

After a Saint Petersburg car accident, it is important to be seen by a doctor. This is especially true if you are experiencing back pain. Even if you do not go to the emergency room, it is important to be seen. You want to make sure to rule out any significant injuries. Moreover, you want to make sure that you not only receive treatment to prevent any further injury, but you also want to make sure that your injury is properly documented. Car insurance companies like to use a lack of immediate treatment or gaps in treatment as a defense. They attempt to allege that because you did not get treatment right after the accident, you must not be that hurt. Therefore, be sure to seek treatment as soon as you can.

There are a variety of treatments that a doctor may recommend for your back pain after a car accident. Typically those treatments depend on the type of back injury, where it is, and how significantly injured you are. Accident victims are often concerned about paying for these treatments. These treatments can be paid for in a variety of ways including but not limited to health insurance, car insurance and compensation from the accident itself. You would want to discuss your options with your car accident attorney. Again, it is important that you get the care you need as soon as possible.


I understand that the process after getting into a car accident in Saint Petersburg can be difficult and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation and will review your accident claim with you personally at one of the office locations in TampaZephyrhillsSaint PetersburgBrandonClearwater, Plant City or Sun City Center. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

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