Le he dicho a la compañía de seguros que no estoy lesionado, ¿aún tengo derecho a reclamar por accidente de coche?

Le he dicho a la compañía de seguros que no estoy lesionado, ¿aún tengo derecho a reclamar por accidente de coche?

This is not the first day that the insurance company is operational. Moreover, these are for-profit companies. This means, even if they are your insurance company, they are trying to save as much money as they can. They know exactly what to ask and what to say in order to devalue your claim. This means even using your own words against you. Claims are typically paid out based on injuries and resulting medical bills. So, if the insurance company can prove you are not hurt as a result of the car accident, they can pay out less.

The Recorded Statement Trick

The insurance company, whether it be yours or the at-fault, is typically going to ask for a recorded statement. During that statement, they are going to ask you if you are hurt. Right after the accident, your adrenaline may be pumping and you may not yet feel the true extent of your injuries. Car accident injuries can sometimes take days to manifest. So, you answer that you are not hurt due to the accident. Days later you start to feel pain and wonder if you ruined your case.

Do A Recorded Statement With A Car Accident Attorney

It is important to have a car accident attorney on the line when you are going to make a statement to the insurance company. They can make sure that you are answering the questions that you are supposed to be answering. Remember as well, even if it is not an official “recorded statement” all phone calls are typically recorded. You may not even have an obligation to answer some of the questions asked.

Did I Ruin My Car Accident Case?

More than likely not. As I said above, I would argue that you did not realize the full extent of your injuries as the accident was so recent. However, we may have to fight harder on your behalf had the statement not been made. As I also said above, it is best not to make any statements to the insurance company without an attorney present. You deserve to be properly compensated. Do not let a few words prevent you from doing that.


Entiendo que el proceso después de sufrir un accidente de coche puede ser difícil y estresante. Usted probablemente tiene muchas preguntas y muy pocas respuestas. Permítame estar allí para usted en cada paso del camino. Ofrezco una consulta GRATUITA y sin compromiso y revisaré su reclamación de accidente con usted personalmente en una de las oficinas en Tampa, Zephyrhills, San Petersburgo, Brandon, Clearwater, o Sun City Center. ¿No puede venir a verme? Voy a venir a donde sea conveniente para usted sin costo alguno. ¡Usted merece ser compensado y yo quiero obtener justicia para usted!

Comuníquese HOY MISMO con Kevin L. Sullivan II, abogado especializado en accidentes automovilísticos de Florida, al (813) 598-4868 para una consulta GRATUITA y sin compromiso. Espero poder ayudarlo con su reclamo.

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