¿Qué buscan las compañías de seguros al evaluar las demandas por lesiones personales en Tampa?

¿Qué buscan las compañías de seguros al evaluar las demandas por lesiones personales en Tampa?

Sadly, accidents happen multiple times a day throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Truthfully, there is no set formula as to what insurance companies look for when evaluating Tampa personal injury claims. Every accident is different and requires a thorough investigation in order to get proper compensation. However, multiple factors seem to arise when discussing the value of these claims with insurance companies. Here are a few factors that are commonly considered when insurance companies evaluate personal injury claims.

How quickly did you seek medical treat?

Did you go to the emergency room or urgent care shortly after the accident, or did you wait weeks to treat? If you waited, the insurance companies will argue that your injuries are not severe as they did not require immediate medical treatment. This does not mean that you do not have a claim but, it is important to get checked out as soon as you can after an accident.

How much are your medical bills?

Damages are largely based on how much your medical bills are, often referred to by insurance companies as your “out of pockets.” It is important to have an experienced and qualified Tampa personal injury attorney keep track of your medical bills as they can rise quickly. If medical bills are low, the insurance companies will argue you are not hurt. If the medical bills are high, the insurance companies will argue that you over treated. Both of these arguments can lead to the insurance companies making offers that do not fully cover your medical bills. An experienced Tampa personal injury attorney will fight to make sure that your medical bills are paid and that these arguments are addressed correctly.

How much is your property damage?

Insurance companies will often try to argue causation. Causation is the link between the accident and the injuries. Essentially, the insurance companies pose the question: “Were these injuries caused by the accident?” Often times, the insurance companies will try to argue that a low impact accident did not cause your injuries. However, multiple studies have shown otherwise. An experienced Tampa personal injury attorney can properly articulate these studies and use other arguments to show the insurance companies that adequate causation exists.

What are your future medical expenses?

The insurance companies will also review what your future medical expenses may be in regard to your personal injury claim. Many times, after an accident, the injuries suffered remain permanently. Therefore, future medical expenses must be properly explained so you can be compensated correctly.

Do you have any prior injuries?

The insurance companies are famous for pointing out that any prior accident and/or injury is the actual cause of your pain and suffering, not the accident. However, we know that is typically not the case. Therefore, it is important to have someone on your side that will argue the validity of your injuries and can use medical reports to distinguish prior injuries from new ones.

Are you able to file a lawsuit?

Lawsuits cost the insurance companies money and juries can come back with large settlements that may cost the insurance companies greatly. Insurance companies want to spend the least amount of money possible to pay you the least amount of money possible. Therefore, insurance companies look at your ability to file and/ or your attorney’s ability to file a lawsuit in regard to your Tampa personal injury claim. Many claims do settle without having to file a lawsuit, however, in order to maximize your claim, you have to prepare each case as though you are ready to move forward. It is important to choose an attorney that has a history of filing personal lawsuits and the resources to do so.

Many other factors are considered when determining the value of a Tampa personal injury claim, but these are often times the factors that are discussed most during my experience. As I said above, each case is different and needs to be fully investigated so the maximum value can be reached. Insurance companies try to use tricks and deception to devalue your claim so they can pay you the least amount possible. I make sure that all details are noted so we can get you the compensation that you deserve.

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