What to Do After a Car Accident in Florida

What to Do After a Car Accident in Florida

What to Do After a Car Accident in Florida

Experiencing a car accident can be overwhelming and confusing. If you find yourself in this tough situation while in Florida, it’s important to know what steps to take immediately after the accident to ensure your safety and protect your rights. From checking for injuries to exchanging information with the other driver, I’ll guide you through the essential actions to help you manage this stressful event more smoothly. Let’s look at what you should do right after a car accident in the Sunshine State.

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What to Do After a Car Accident in Florida

After an accident, it can be tough to stay calm. Many people feel shocked, angry at the other driver, or overwhelmed by adrenaline. It’s important to keep a level head. Acting quickly can help you get treatment for your injuries and ensure you receive fair compensation for your car accident claim.

Here are the steps to follow if you’ve been involved in an accident:

1. Immediately Call the Police

Inform them of your location and if you or anyone in your car is unconscious or injured. Also, describe the other driver’s vehicle. It’s important to call 911, even for a minor accident, to alert the police and emergency responders. A police report can be crucial in determining the outcome of a crash claim. 

If you are too injured, do not move; wait for the police. If you can move, safely remove your vehicle from the path of traffic. Keep anyone injured in your car calm and still until the ambulance arrives. Do not leave the scene of an accident until police or medical professionals have released you.

2. Assess the Damage

While you wait for the police, you can assess the damage to your car and gather information. Get the other driver’s name, number, insurance details, and address. Also, collect contact information from any witnesses to follow up on their accounts later. Take photos with your phone of the damage to cars, road conditions, and other relevant details. Although tensions may be high, avoid apologizing for anything. It’s fine to ask if everyone is okay, but saying “I am sorry” could be seen as admitting fault.

3. See a Doctor

Right after a crash, if you have any injuries, see a doctor immediately. You might need to ask someone close to call your office and tell them you won’t be coming in. Keep copies of all your medical records, including those from the emergency room, follow-up treatments, imaging scans, and doctors’ summaries. Also, keep a journal of all your appointments and medical treatments, including any prescriptions you get. This will help you track your medical expenses.

4. Talk to Your Insurer

Always tell the truth when filing your claim. If you lie about the details of your accident, your claim may be denied or your insurance coverage could be revoked. Make sure you have a copy of the police report that confirms your accident. Also, ensure that the settlement you receive from your insurance company covers all your injuries and losses. If it does not, you should contact an attorney.

5. Mistakes to Avoid

In the next few weeks, there are several mistakes you should avoid. Take a break from social media. Asking a family member to spread the word about your accident is a good way to inform family and friends. You should not discuss the accident with anyone except the police and your insurance company. 

Consider hiring a lawyer to handle the details of your claim, especially if you have extensive injuries or losses. Never speak to an insurance representative without first consulting your attorney. If someone contacts you, politely ask them to call your lawyer instead.

Your insurance company is obligated to pay you in a timely and fair manner. Call now for a free evaluation of your case.

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Car Accident Scene Checklist

  • Check on all drivers and passengers, and dial 911 if needed.
  • If it’s safe, take pictures of the vehicles involved, including yours.
  • Capture images of any damage to each vehicle.
  • Identify all drivers: Secure their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Take photos of the license plates, insurance cards, and driver’s licenses for each driver.
  • Obtain names, phone numbers, and addresses of all witnesses.
  • Do not accept any settlement offers at the scene.
  • Avoid giving a recorded statement to any insurance company until you have consulted with us.
  • Call us immediately at (813) 598-4868, as time is running out to file a claim.

Photograph These Additional Items

You can never take too many photos. Smartphones are perfect for this. Here are some additional photos you should take at the accident scene:

  • Property damage
  • Airbags (if they deployed)
  • Police officer’s report
  • Injuries
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Skid marks

Collect Important Information

If you know how to use your smartphone camera, you can gather a lot of information quickly. It’s easier to take photos of a driver’s license and insurance card than to write down tiny numbers. Make sure your pictures are clear! Try to stay calm, focused, and relaxed.

  • Date and time
  • Street address and city

Other Driver’s Car

  • Make, model & year
  • License plate # state issued

Other Driver’s Licence Info

  • Driver’s license ID
  • Name and address
  • Contact number
  • Email address

Additional Driver’s Insurance Information

  • Insurance company policy number
  • Expiration date

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