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As a Zephyrhills Personal Injury Attorney that handles accident claims every day, I understand that you and your family are dealing with a difficult time. My primary goal is to alleviate that stress by providing you the highest level of legal representation available. Allow me to fight for your rights and to obtain the compensation that you deserve. Call me anytime 24/7 at (813) 598-4868 and let me start working before the insurance companies do!

Orgullosamente Sirviendo Zephyrhills

I am proud to serve the East Pasco community from a convenient office location.

5720 Gall Boulevard, Ste 4

Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Áreas de práctica

Llevo casos en las siguientes áreas de práctica:

Comunicación fiable

Me doy cuenta de que durante este tiempo difícil, usted puede tener preguntas y preocupaciones. Mi prioridad es mantener el contacto con mis clientes para que tengan la información relevante sobre su reclamación en cada paso del camino. Desde el inicio de su reclamo, cada cliente se proporciona con mi número de teléfono celular para que puedan ponerse en contacto conmigo en cualquier momento. Quiero asegurarme de que sus preguntas sean contestadas y sus preocupaciones sean atendidas en un periodo de tiempo razonable.

Why Hire A Zephyrhills Personal Injury Attorney?

It is a sad truth, but insurance companies are not in the business of helping accident victims. They want to save as much money as possible by devaluing your claim. They want to bring up prior accidents, argue that your injuries are not related to the accident, and tell you that your injuries are not permanent. That is where an experienced Zephyrhills Personal Injury Attorney like myself comes in. I will make sure the insurance company evaluates your claim correctly so you receive the maximum recovery. You deserve to be compensated and I will make sure that happens!

Where Do Zephyrhills Accidents Commonly Happen?

Accidents can happen in a variety of areas and locations. Typically, accidents are more likely to occur in high traffic areas. In Zephyrhills, some of the high traffic areas include but are not limited to:

- Ruta 301 de EE.UU. (Fort King Highway/Gall Boulevard)

- Carretera del condado 535 (Chancey Road/Ald Lakeland Highway)

- Carretera del condado 579 (Morris Bridge Road/Eiland Boulevard/Handcart Road)

- Carretera estatal 39 (Paul S. Buchman Highway/Gall Boulevard)

- County Road 41 (Autopista Fort King/Carretera Fort King)

- Carretera estatal 54 (Quinta Avenida a través del centro de Zephyrhills)

Having an attorney that is familiar with the area is crucial. Having someone on your side to properly explain not only how the accident happened, but also the road conditions of where the accident happened can make all the difference. I have handled numerous claims throughout Zephyrhills and am ready to help you recover what you deserve as well!

How Would I Find A Zephyrhills Personal Injury Attorney Near Me?

You may not know where to start to look for a Zephyrhills personal injury attorney. Many often start to look on the internet with a search for Zephyrhills personal injury attorneys near me. You are going to see numerous search results. You should first look at reviews about those attorneys and the quality of the service they provide. Click here to see my reviews. From there, you will want to see if you are actually going to speak with an attorney about your claim or just a case manager or paralegal.

Si un abogado no va a hablar con usted desde el principio de su reclamo, uno de los momentos más significativos, entonces ¿qué tan probable es que van a hablar con usted durante otros momentos importantes? Me enorgullezco de hablar siempre con mis clientes al principio de su reclamación y durante todo el tiempo que pasamos juntos. Usted contrató a un abogado y eso es lo que se merece. Para mí, se trata de poner la espalda personal en lesiones personales y accidentes de la ley.


Evidence Can Make All The Difference

Evidence can very much help the outcome of your case. Some common examples of evidence used in a Zephyrhills personal injury case can include but is not limited to:

  • Medical records
  • Billing ledgers
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Video footage
  • Cell phone records
  • Incident photographs
  • Wage loss documentation
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Economic expert testimony
  • Expert testimony regarding injuries
  • Expert reconstruction of the accident scene

Some of the evidence mentioned can be difficult to obtain. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer with the resources to gather this evidence.

Insurance companies often try to convince that this evidence is not needed and your case is simple. Do not believe this for a second. The more evidence in your favor, they better chance we have of collecting what you deserve.

Over the years, Attorney Kevin has found the experts and learned to use the evidence listed to recover millions for personal injury and accident victims. By using these resources, he has the best chance of getting you the best result in your injury claim.

Zephyrhills Personal Injury FAQs

You deserve to have your questions answered and your concerns addressed each step of the way during your Zephyrhills personal injury claim. While many of those articles address some common questions, you can reach out to myself anytime to address any specific question you may have. Ultimately, this is your case and I want you to have all the information you need in order to make the best decision for yourself. There is no charge for a consultation, let me be there for you.

Traveling To You In Zephyrhills

Con oficinas convenientemente ubicadas en los condados de Pinellas, Pasco y Hillsborough, estoy orgulloso de servir a Zephyrhills y las comunidades circundantes. Pero, si usted no puede llegar a una de las oficinas convenientemente ubicadas, no se preocupe. He viajado por todo el Estado de Florida para conocer y ayudar a los clientes y sería un honor hacer lo mismo para usted. La representación legal de calidad no debe estar limitada por la distancia. Ya sea su casa, una de las oficinas convenientemente ubicadas, el hospital o el consultorio del médico, estoy dispuesto a hacer el viaje. Todo lo que quiero es que usted se concentre en mejorar y quiero hacer este proceso lo más fácil posible para usted desde el principio.

What Is Your Zephyrhills Personal Injury Case Worth?

Every Zephyrhills personal injury case is different, and each can vary in value. There are a variety of factors that may be considered including: the percentage of fault; the injuries sustained; the amount of property damage; the amount of medical bills and expenses; and the number of people injured. Do not allow this list to be absolute. Other factors may determine what your claim is worth and can be discussed during your FREE no-obligation consultation. But, most importantly, regardless of how big or small your case may be, I treat every client and every case the same. Everyone deserves justice!

FREE Zephyrhills Personal Injury Consultation

As a Zephyrhills Personal Injury Attorney, I feel that you should not be held back from getting the quality legal representation that you deserve due to the size of your wallet. That is why I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation where you and I can discuss your claim at no charge. I want you to be informed in regards to your claim and I will make sure that happens.

Póngase en contacto con el abogado de lesiones personales de Zephyrhills Kevin L. Sullivan II HOY MISMO al (813) 598-4868 o llene el formulario de evaluación gratuita de su caso. ¡Espero poder ayudarle con su reclamo!