Florida Car Accident Recorded Statements: What Are They & When Should I Give One To The Insurance Company?

Florida Car Accident Recorded Statements: What Are They & When Should I Give One To The Insurance Company?

After a car accident, one of the first things an individual may want to do is contact the insurance companies. Most of the time you are dealing with at least two different insurance companies, the at-fault and your own. There are sometimes separate insurance companies for the owner of the vehicle and the driver as well. While your own insurance company may have in your policy when the accident must be reported, you do not have an obligation to report the accident to the at-fault insurance carrier. However, there is a difference between reporting the claim and giving a recorded statement.

Can My Florida Car Accident Attorney Report My Claim For Me?

Yes, a Florida car accident attorney can report your car accident claim to the insurance company for you and it is highly recommended. You do not have to report your car accident claim personally. Typically all conversations with the insurance company are recorded. Insurance companies and their adjusters are trained to sneak in certain questions that can cause issues later on. A question as simple as “How are you doing?” may seem polite but if you answer “I’m okay” just as a simple response, the insurance company may try to use that statement against you later on to show you were not hurt.

What Is A Recorded Statement?

A recorded statement is where the insurance company adjuster will ask you a variety of questions about the accident while recording the conversation. This is not a formal court proceeding where there is a judge or formal objections, it is much more casual but still, very important. The insurance company will typically ask about injuries, how the accident happened, where you are treating, your pain scale, and information about the at -fault party. However, proceed with caution as the statements can be used against you later on when trying to recover damages from the insurance company. That is why it is important to consult a Florida car accident attorney beforehand.

Do I Have To Give A Recorded Statement To My Insurance Company?

Typically you do have to give a recorded statement to your insurance company. This is in adherence with the agreement you executed with the insurance company in order to get car insurance coverage. However, it does not mean that you cannot have a Florida car accident attorney prepare you for the call and be on the line with you.

Do I Have To Give A Recorded Statement To The At-Fault Insurance Company?

You do not have to give a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance company. Why would they want a statement? Again, the insurance companies, especially the at-fault insurance company, is trying to get you to say something they view as damaging to your claim in order to use it against you later on. Do not fall for the trap.

Should I Hire A Florida Car Accident Attorney Before I Give A Recorded Statement?

Absolutely! I myself have done hundreds of recorded statements and have prepared clients for some of the common questions asked and some of the pitfalls that come with these recorded statements. You have likely been injured and deserve to be properly compensated. Do not let some “trick question” that could have been easily avoided keep you from getting the monies that you deserve!

Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorney

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