Florida Low Impact Car Accidents: Do Injuries Still Occur?

Florida Low Impact Car Accidents: Do Injuries Still Occur?

Many forget get that the insurance companies are for-profit entities. In fact, Geico Insurance is owned by legendary investor Warren Buffett and his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. I talk to adjusters and defense attorneys on a daily basis. Their job is supposed to be to properly evaluate your claim, but I often hear reason after reason about why your claim should be devalued, and why you should not be paid the compensation that you deserve.

One of the most common arguments I hear from the insurance companies is: “this is a low impact accident, the individual could not have been this hurt.” Now what is a low impact accident? Does it depend on the amount of property damage done to the vehicle? Does it depend on how fast the vehicles were traveling? Opinions vary between insurance companies. But the bigger question is, do injuries still occur in low impact accidents? Let us go to the research.

At What Speed Does An Auto Accident Injury Occur?

An article from 1998 states that essentially ever accident and person is different. “There does not seem to be an absolute speed or amount of damage a vehicle sustains for a person to experience injury.” Even a few miles an hour can contribute to injury as “[c]rash tests indicate that a change of vehicle velocity of 4 km/hr (2.5 mph) may produce occupant symptoms.” Yet, “[v]ehicle damage may not occur until 14-15 km/hr (8.7 mph).” Therefore, it can be concluded that even if the vehicle shows little damage, injury can still occur.

Should I Get My Vehicle Fixed After A Low Impact Auto Accident?

Have you ever heard the expression, “it is just a scratch”? Just because it may be “just a scratch” does not mean you should not take your car in to be examined. Often times, there may be damage hidden under the bumper of the vehicle, in the case of a rear end collision that is. Moreover, the insurance company is going to argue that because the car did not get repaired there must not be any damage and with that, there must not be any injury. Therefore, it is important to have your vehicle inspected to make sure your vehicle is in proper working order. Moreover, it is important to make sure the insurance company has as few arguments against your auto accident claim as possible.

Should I Seek Medical Treatment After A Low Impact Auto Accident?

Any time you are involved in an auto accident, you should seek medical attention to make sure you are not injured. Remember, a vehicle weighing a few thousand pounds just forcefully hit you. Research has shown that a significant number of auto accidents result in injury. In fact, “[w]hiplash is the most common injury associated with motor vehicle accidents, affecting up to 83% of patients involved in collisions, and is a common cause of chronic disability.” Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are healthy after your auto accident.

Should I seek an attorney after a low impact accident?

As I have said above, insurance companies are in the business of devaluing your claim and are trying to compensate you with the least amount of monies possible. “The overall economic burden of whiplash injury, including medical care, disability, and sick leave, is estimated at $3.9 billion annually in the U.S.…” You may not have billions in costs and expenses after your accident, but you are likely to incur medical bills, to miss out on wages, and you should be properly compensated for the pain and suffering you had to endure. Do not let the insurance companies take advantage of you. A qualified and experienced personal injury attorney can help you get not only the compensation, but the justice that you deserve!

Common Auto Accident Injuries

A variety of injuries can result from an auto accident, even low impact accidents. Some can be seen immediately like bumps, bruises, and severe breaks while others may not be seen like bulges, herniations, and tears. Some may be felt immediately while others may worsen over time. Some common auto accident injuries include but are not limited to:

·        Back Injuries

·        Neck Injuries

·        Shoulder Injuries

·        Whiplash

·        Concussions

·        Headaches

·        Broken Bones & Fractures

·        Shoulder Injuries

·        Traumatic Brain Injuries

·        Spinal Cord Injuries

Experienced Car Accident Attorney

I understand that the process after getting into a car accident can be difficult and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation and will review your accident claim with you personally at one of the office locations in Tampa, Zephyrhills, or Saint Petersburg. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

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