Florida Pedestrian Accidents: Tips For Walkers & Runners

Florida Pedestrian Accidents: Tips For Walkers & Runners

Florida, and especially the Tampa Bay Area, is an incredible place for pedestrians to walk and run. With great weather and so many places to venture and enjoy, Florida is a prime destination for pedestrians. Sadly however, due to a multitude of reasons, pedestrian accidents do happen. Therefore, check out a few tips below on how to stay safe when you walk or run as a pedestrian and some general guidance on what to do should an accident occur.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

It is important that you stay safe and vigilant when walking or running. Accidents do happen, but you should take every opportunity to try to protect yourself. Some things you can do include but are not limited to:

1. Wearing bright clothing

2. Carrying identification and a phone

3. Looking both ways when crossing

4. Crossing at a crosswalk

5. Avoiding walking or running at night

6. If you do walk or run at night, carrying a flashlight

7. Avoiding areas with high motor vehicle traffic

8. Letting someone know where you are going

9. Trying to stay on the sidewalk

10. Looking for vehicles leaving driveways

Pedestrian Accident Tips

Sadly, because Florida is such an ideal destination with so many pedestrians, including walkers and runners, accident occurrences can be more common. Be sure to consider taking some of these steps to better protect your pedestrian accident claim. Most importantly, it is prudent that you follow #5 and contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney so evidence can be protected quickly, and your claim can be properly preserved.

1. Call the police (911) and make a report

2. Get checked out by a qualified medical professional

3. As soon as you can, write down what happened

4. Take photos of the scene, the vehicles, and yourself/injuries

5. Contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney

Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

For the most part, accidents happen due to negligence. Negligence occurs when an individual has a duty, and they fail to carry out that duty as a reasonably, prudent person would. Operating a motor vehicle is a much larger responsibility than most make it out to be. Drivers can often avoid pedestrian accidents if they are diligent and watch the roads. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Follow traffic signs and signals

2. Do not text and drive when in the car

3. Pay attention to the road, especially in high pedestrian areas

4. Check the weather and give yourself additional time to stop

5. Watch for crosswalks and maintain a safe distance when stopping in front of them

6. Observe school zones and watch for children crossing on the way to and from school

7. Do not wave pedestrians on, allow them to follow traffic rules and make their own choices

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accident injuries are often much more severe than accidents involving two or more cars because unlike cars, surrounded by metal and safety features, pedestrian accidents just involve the human body without any outside protection. Therefore, it is up to drivers and pedestrians alike to make sure that they are aware and vigilant when operating their vehicle or walking and running. Some common pedestrian accident injuries include:

– Head Injuries

– Concussions

– Traumatic Brain Injuries

– Bone Breaks & Fractures

– Bruises, Abrasions, & Lacerations

– Neck Injuries

– Back Injuries

– Knee Injuries

– Shoulder Injuries

– Internal Injuries

– Wrongful Death


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