gasparilla 2020? top Tips for you

gasparilla 2020? top Tips for you

Gasparilla is upon us. It is the adult-fun event where people of the Tampa Bay Area and surrounding communities get to enjoy the day as pirates. However, Gasparilla is not always fun and games. Things do happen but, there are different ways you can protect yourself so you can focus on the parade and enjoying friends rather than dealing with other issues. Review these tips below:

1. Have a designated driveR lined up.

Do not end the first January of the new decade with a DUI charge or an accident. Be sure to have a designated driver planned or use ride-sharing.

2. Protect your drink.

Be sure to keep your drink covered so items and/or harmful substances are not dropped in it.

3. Be careful making your way to the parade.

Be sure to cross at cross walks as you make your way to the parade and do not cross the street in the middle of the road. Follow where the police direct you.

4. Do not drink alcohol underage.

Officers are present throughout the parade. Be sure to follow all laws regarding consumption of alcohol.

5. Know your limits.

Gasparilla is a long day. Be sure not to over consume alcohol. Be responsible.

6. Do not throw beads into the water or litter.

Be sure to not throw beads into the water. It is harmful to the environment. There are plenty of donation sites that will be set up the week following Gasparilla or they can be thrown away. #BeadFreeTampaBay

7. Make sure you cellphone is fully charged.

Make sure that your cellphone is charged in case you need to find friends, call for a ride, or need help.

8. Be calm, cool, and collected.

There will be a lot of crowds at Gasparilla. Be sure to stay calm as you make your way through the parade as you will often get “bumped.” Everyone is just trying to make their way to the fun.

9. Be respectful of other’s private property.

The parade is along Bayshore Blvd, a prominent Tampa community. Be sure to stay off of private property and do not litter.

10. Do not overpack a vehicle.

Make sure every person has a seat and more importantly, a seat belt. Do not pack pick in the trunk or on top of one another.

11. Have fun!

Gasparilla is one of Tampa’s best traditions and if you use common sense, stay calm and know your limits, it is likely that you will have a wonderful time!

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