How Many Traffic Accidents Occur In Florida Per Year?

How Many Traffic Accidents Occur In Florida Per Year?

It is no mystery that car accidents are likely to be on the rise in Florida. Northerners are beginning to travel down to warmer weather. Quarantiners are slowly returning back to their offices. Not to mention, the holidays are just around the corner. Times like these require the reminder that car accidents do happen, and you should be sure to drive with caution and awareness. But, there are some other statistics you should be aware of as well.  

How Many Traffic Accidents Happen Each Year In Florida?

In Florida, about 400,000 traffic accidents take place each year, per recent statistics from 2018. That puts the average number of crashes at roughly 1,106 crashes per day. This number is on the rise from 2017 when roughly 390,000 traffic accidents took place. Why are accidents on the rise? That reason is not completely clear. However, it is important that you try to do everything you can to operate your vehicle in a safe manner.

How Many Traffic Accidents Result In Injury In Florida?

In 2018, roughly 236,000 traffic crashes resulted in injury in the State of Florida. This number went down from 2016 and 2017 where over 250,000 traffic crashes resulted in injury each year respectively.

How Many Traffic Accidents Involve Fatalities Each Year In Florida?

Sadly, each year since 2016 there have been over 3,100 traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities. The number has gone down slightly from 2016 to 2017 but rose again in 2018.

How Many Traffic Accidents Result In The Tampa Bay Area & Nearby Counties In 2018?

  • Total Crashes In Hillsborough County: Over 29,000
  • Total Crashes Resulting In Injury In Hillsborough County: Over 20,000

  • Total Crashes In Pinellas County: Over 17,000
  • Total Crashes Resulting In Injury In Pinellas County: Over 10,000

  • Total Crashes In Pasco County: Over 7,500
  • Total Crashes Resulting In Injury In Pasco County: Over 6,000

How Many People Do Not Have Car Insurance In Florida?

Roughly 23% of drivers do not have car insurance. That means that when you pass three other vehicles on the road, it is likely that one of them does not have any car insurance. What should you do to protect yourself and your family? Make sure that your insurance policy includes uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage. That means should an accident happen with someone that is not insured, you still have monies that you can recover to cover medical expenses and other damages.

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