Signing A Car Accident Release WITHOUT An Attorney?!

Signing A Car Accident Release WITHOUT An Attorney?!

Insurance companies typically sound so friendly at the beginning of a claim. Like a good neighbor, they sound like they are there. They are concerned about how the accident, your injuries and your overall well-being. Until, the conversation about settlement and money arises. The tone seems to change. The insurance company adjusters are trained to convince you to settle your claim as quickly and more importantly, as cheaply as possible.

My biggest question to clients when they tell me the insurance company tried to settle with them is, “How do they even know what your case is worth?” I say this because most of the time, these offers come when the accident just had happened. This is strategic by the way. You need to make sure that you and your future are protected. More so, you need to receive the compensation you deserve. I always recommend that you take advantage of a free no-obligation consultation and discuss any offer with an experienced accident attorney. Take the few minutes to verify you are getting everything you are entitled to.

Once you sign a release, the case is over. Again, once you sign the release, you are essentially releasing your accident claim for the money agreed upon. Often, insurance adjusters will give you an offer to resolve your accident claim in exchange for a few thousand dollars. At the time, that sounds great. But as I mentioned above, you likely do not know the extent of your injuries or what the future holds. Sometimes, the insurance company may characterize the settlement in a way to sound like they are going to pay for treatment.

For example: We expect you to go to chiropractor 10 times. We will give you $2,000.00 to pay for your appointments. We need you to sign the RELEASE, in order to give you the funds.

However, as I said above, once the release is signed, you are signing away your right to take further legal action. Regardless of the circumstances, even if it sounds like this is just a payment for your treatment.

Moreover, when car insurance companies attempt to settle with you quickly after an accident, they are likely lowballing you – not giving you the full amount your injuries and damages are actually worth. If you have not spoken with an accident attorney, you likely do not have a way of knowing what your claim is truly worth. You may need other medical treatment in the future or your injuries may become worse. Therefore, do NOT settle and give up your right to pursue the compensation you are actually entitled to!

Understand, all calls with the insurance companies are most likely recorded. If the insurance company tries to get you to settle verbally, let them know, “I want to consider my options before resolving anything”, and clearly state, “I AM NOT SETTLING AT THIS TIME.” If they try to get you to sign anything, request a copy and let them know, “I’d like to discuss my claim with my attorney before signing anything”, or something along those lines. All in all, do NOT sign anything, do NOT verbally agree to anything, or do NOT accept any money without speaking to an attorney. 


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