Social Media After Car Accidents

Social Media After Car Accidents

Social media has been a large part of many of our lives for some time. We have all likely been on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or another social media platform sometime in our lives. Insurance companies are also on social media, but they are not there to be your friend or connection. They are there to find evidence that they can use against you to decrease the value of your auto accident claim. Social medial after car accidents can be difficult to navigate. An experienced car accident attorney can educate you on some of the things that insurance companies look for but, I wanted to give you a brief preview.

Why Do Insurance Companies Look At Social Media After A Car Accident?

Typically, social media is the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to learning about you and finding evidence in the insurance company’s favor. Most people, especially the younger population, are more inclined to post about their lives online. Something as innocent as saying “Had a great workout at the gym” or “excited for my vacation in the mountains” can have a negative effect on your case. Why? Because the insurance company will argue that hurt people do not go to the gym or go on active vacations. It is best to not post on social media and if you do, stay away from talking or posting about activities.

What Are The Insurance Companies Looking For On Social Media After A Car Accident?

Insurance companies are trying to look for everything they can find to show that you have recovered from the accident and are not hurt. This could be a photo of you hiking, biking, exercising or being active. It could be a post saying that you “feel great” that day. It could be a picture of you holding something heavy or carrying something. All of these things can be construed as that you are not as hurt as you are saying you are.

Can I Not Share My Life After A Car Accident?

You are more than welcome to live your life based on how you feel and your medical providers recommendations. You are welcome to share some aspects as well. But, my advice would be to keep a majority of it off of social media. During the resolution of your accident claim, I suggest sticking with posting funny memes and shared posts. All jokes aside, you can of course live your life to the fullest, just be cautious about what you post. When in doubt, feel free to reach out to your attorney or their office.

Does Setting My Social Media Profile To Private Help?

Many attorneys suggest that their clients switch their social media accounts to private after an accident. Moreover, they suggest that they do not accept any requests from anyone they do not know. Although I think these are two strong suggestions, if a case does go to litigation, the insurance companies/ other party can still request screenshots of your social media profile(s). Therefore, in an abundance of caution, it is best to be careful about what you post.


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