Tampa Uber Accident: What You Need To Know

Tampa Uber Accident: What You Need To Know

Uber, and ride sharing as a whole including Lyft, has become a transportation staple in Tampa and the State of Florida. The convenience of opening up your phone and summoning a ride in the matter of seconds has been difficult to match in recent years. I myself have taken numerous Uber rides in the past. However, with so many Uber rides on the roads each day, a Tampa Uber Accident is bound to occur. We hope this does not happen when you are the Uber driver or the Uber passenger, but if you are involved in an accident, here are some tips to consider.

Call The Police (911). It is important that you call the police after your Tampa Uber Accident so a report can be taken with much of the relevant information that is needed to start the investigation your claim. This report will often include a record of the parties involved in the accident. Moreover, it will often include the insurance information of all the parties so the insurance companies can be contacted and the road to recovery can begin.

Seek Medical Treatment. It is important to seek medical treatment after a Tampa Uber Accident to make sure address any injuries. Even if you are not hurt, it is important to get checked out just to make sure that you are okay and to have a record should anything develop later on. Moreover, if you do not treat within 14-days of the accident, you could miss out on valuable coverage.

Take Pictures Of The Scene. If you have a camera, make sure that you take pictures of the Tampa Uber Accident scene including all the vehicles that were involved, the road signs, and the actual accident scene if the cars have not been moved. Pictures are worth a thousand words so any photos that you can take will likely be helpful to your claim.

Call An Experienced Tampa Uber Accident Attorney. When it comes to any type of car accident, especially a Tampa Uber Accident, it is important to have a qualified and experienced attorney on your side, and the sooner the better. These claims have to be investigated thoroughly and as time passes evidence can be lost. The sooner a Tampa Uber Accident Attorney gets on the case is the sooner many questions can be answered.

Moreover, when dealing with insurance companies, it is their goal to pay you the least amount of compensation possible. Many of these organizations are for-profit companies looking to attack your claim and not give you the money that you deserve. You need an experienced and qualified Tampa Uber Accident Attorney that is going to fight for you.

Tampa Uber Accident Causes

Tampa Uber Accidents happen for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

·        Bad Weather

·        Texting and Driving

·        Distracted Driving

·        Driving Under The Influence

·        Aggressive Driving

Essentially, all of these are typically due to some type of negligence. When the accident happens do to no fault of your own, you should not be stuck with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. You deserve to be compensated and should have someone on your side to make sure that happens.

Common Tampa Uber Accident Injuries

A variety of injuries can result from a Tampa Uber Accident, even low impact accidents. Some can be seen immediately like bumps, bruises, and severe breaks while others may not be seen like bulges, herniations, and tears. Some may be felt immediately while others may worsen over time. Some common Uber Accident Injuries injuries include but are not limited to:

·        Back Injuries

·        Neck Injuries

·        Shoulder Injuries

·        Whiplash

·        Concussions

·        Headaches

·        Broken Bones & Fractures

·        Shoulder Injuries

·        Traumatic Brain Injuries

·        Spinal Cord Injuries

How Much Does A Tampa Uber Attorney Cost?

As a Tampa Uber Accident Attorney, my attorney’s fee is contingency fee based which means I only get paid if there is a recovery. If there is no recovery, you owe me nothing. There is no cost for the consultation and there are no upfront costs or fees nor are there any monthly invoices or hourly billing. For more information on Tampa Uber Accident Attorney’s fees, you are welcome to contact me anytime.

How Much Time Do I Have To Make An Uber Accident Claim?

Every state has a different time limit, also known as the statute of limitations, in which you can make an Uber Accident claim. It is because Tampa is in the State of Florida that Florida’s statute of limitations laws would apply. That means that you would have four (4) years to file an Uber Accident claim. However, it is important to contact a Tampa Uber Accident Attorney as other laws may apply and laws can change over time.

Experienced Tampa Uber Accident Attorney

I understand that the process after getting into an Uber Accident can be difficult and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and very few answers. Allow me to be there for you every step of the way. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation and will review your accident claim with you personally at one of the office locations in Tampa, Zephyrhills, Saint Petersburg, or Clearwater. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

Contact Tampa Uber Accident Attorney Kevin L. Sullivan II TODAY at (813) 598-4868 for a FREE no-obligation consultation. I look forward to assisting you with your claim!

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