What Evidence Can Be Used To Prove Your Brandon Car Accident Claim?

What Evidence Can Be Used To Prove Your Brandon Car Accident Claim?

Getting into a car accident in Brandon, FL is always an inconvenient and unfortunate event. While many should be compensated properly quickly, the insurance companies often try to make collection difficult. It is up to you, or your car accident attorney, to prove your case so you can get the compensation that you deserve. Insurance companies are for-profit companies. Although they may say they are acting in your best interest, that is typically not the case. Therefore, here is evidence often used to help prove your Brandon car accident claim.

Common Car Accident Claim Evidence

Pictures and Videos – Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say. Any pictures and/ or videos of the scene and accident can be helpful in determining who caused the wreck and the significance of the damages. Pictures and videos are some of the most common and compelling evidence used to prove your Brandon car accident claim.

Medical records – Medical records can be used to prove injuries as they related to the accident and what future medical treatment will look like.

Medical bills – Medical bills can be used to illustrate damages of what you have currently experienced and can also show what out-of-pockets may look like in the future.

Property Damage Estimates – The property damage estimate can be useful to show how strong the impact was. The stronger the impact, the more likely your injuries were related to the accident.

Witnesses – Witnesses to the accident can be useful to explain how the accident happened. Typically, we hope that these are non-bias third parties.

Experts – Sometimes, experts may be hired to discuss medical diagnoses, reconstruct the accident, or discuss another part of the case based on their expertise in order prove or disprove a part of the claim.

Work Loss Records – An individual may miss work after an accident. Therefore, records may be used to prove when they missed work and their wages they missed out on in order to get compensated for their lost wages.


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