Worst Car Insurance Mistake You Can Make?!

Worst Car Insurance Mistake You Can Make?!

In a time of rising costs, rising interest rates and everything in between going up in price, many people are trying to save funds. Car insurance is typically renewed every six months or every year. Insurance companies try to do what they can to save you money. Or are they? One of the most common ways that insurance companies try to get you to save money is by lowering your insurance coverage. By lowering your insurance coverage, it can lower your monthly premiums. But is that really saving you money in the long run?

Protecting yourself is crucial. It is so important to have UM coverage, known as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. The insurance company is quick to explain , “oh you do not need that coverage” when it is in fact the most important coverage you can have. This is especially true when the at-fault is not required to have bodily injury coverage in Florida. UM coverage may be the only way you can get compensated after an accident.

For a single car accident where injuries occur, the NHTSA estimates that on average, a victim will incur around $15,000 for medical treatment. However, this number can increase significantly if the injuries suffered are catastrophic. Therefore, the worst mistake you can make is lowering your insurance coverage, especially your UM coverage. You could be putting yourself and your family at significant risk in the future.

Insurance companies are notorious for telling customers, “you do not need UM coverage, you have health insurance.” Many people may think that because they have health insurance, they are covered after an accident. And health insurance may pay some of your medical bills. However, many do not know that health insurance has a subrogation right, or a right to be paid back from any car accident settlement. That means that should you have a $10,000.00 lien from health insurance and you recover $10,000.00 from the car accident, the health insurance company can be entitled to a large portion of that $10,000.00 recovery.

Moreover, health insurance does not always cover all health expenses related to an accident. Nor does it cover pain and suffering, or lost wages. Therefore, by lowering your car insurance coverage, more importantly your uninsured motorist coverage, to save a few dollars, you may be costing yourself thousands.

What Types of Car Accidents are Most Common In Florida?

According to the data, some of the most common types of accidents in 2022 included:

– 9,741 accidents involving pedestrians

– 8,899 accidents involving motorcycles

– 6,960 accidents involving bicycles

Additionally, car accidents are often categorized by collision type. While there are a wide variety of accidents, I can say based on my experience, I also see these accidents occur often in my practice. Here are the most common types of collisions that occur every year, according to past statistics:

– Rear-end collisions, which are by far the most common

– Left-turn collisions, particularly at intersections

– Sideswipe, commonly due to lane-change collisions

– Single vehicle accidents

– Head-on collisions, usually as a result of reckless driving

One other common type of car accident is an accident due to the driver being impaired. In 2022, 5,250 impaired accidents involved alcohol, while an additional 355 involved alcohol and drugs, and 605 involved drugs only.


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