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When a loved one passes on, your whole world may feel like it’s crumbling around you. It is an incredible difficult time. Everything you may have planned for may vanish in an instance. If your loved one that passed was a primary provider for your family, you may find yourself faced with mounting debt and bills. During that time when you are likely to not know where to turn. However, it is when you realize that another person’s negligence caused your loved one’s death, a wide range of emotions may come over you. It could be a combination of anger, sadness, guilt, and fear. These emotions can prevent you from moving forward and you may not know where to turn for help.

During this difficult time, you may find yourself with more questions than answers. Some these may include:

Who will bear responsibility?
Why did this happen?
How will I pay for the funeral expenses?
How will I support myself and my children without my loved one?

Sadly, as an attorney that has handled many wrongful death matters, I know that you have questions and concerns after the loss of your loved one. I want to personally address those concerns and find you the answers that you deserve. As a wrongful death lawyer, I know that you need monies to support yourself and your family. This could include funds to pay your rent, utilities, and other expenses during this time. I also know that you may need help paying for funeral costs, as well as other expenses that may arise during this difficult time. I want to be there for you each step of the way and will be there to provide compassionate legal support during this time. I want to hold the negligent parties accountable for your loved one’s death. Your family should have the financial protection you deserve in order to move forward in the future.

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    Who Can Bring A Wrongful Death Claim?

    Typically, a wrongful death claim can be brought by the representative of the estate of the deceased individual, on behalf of the estate and on behalf of the survivors of the deceased individual. It can also be filed by a qualifying survivor of the deceased individual on behalf of all survivors, if the estate’s representative does not file a claim. A qualifying survivor who can bring a wrongful death claim may include a spouse, children, parents, and any blood relative or adopted sibling who was “dependent on the decedent for support or services” at the time of the decedent’s death. Overall, every claim is different and it recommended that you speak with experienced counsel to determine you rights as a survivor.

    Communication You & Your Family Can Count On

    I realize that during this difficult time after the passing of a loved, you may have questions and concerns. I make it a priority to maintain contact with my clients so that they have the relevant information regarding their claim each step of the way. From the start of their claim, each client is provided with my cellphone number so they can reach me at any time. I want to make sure your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed in a reasonable period of time.

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