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As a Ybor City Workers’ Compensation Attorney, I understand how a work injury can have a major impact on many different aspects of your life. Your injuries can limit or even prevent you from preforming your job which in turn, can make it difficult to pay your bills and support your family. Moreover, the physical pain and the impairments that result from the injuries you suffered at work, can lead to many personal and professional challenges. As a Ybor City Workers’ Compensation Attorney, I want to be there for you during this difficult time.

Workers’ compensation was put in place as an insurance program that covers many of the expenses incurred by employees that has suffered a work-related injury. Although workers’ comp may operate on a no-fault basis (which means, you do NOT have to prove that your employer was NEGLIGENT to qualify for benefits), getting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve is not always easy.

Injured While Working In Ybor City?

Typically, only a work-related injury will qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits. Some common causes of work-related injuries can include but are not limited to:

– Equipment accidents
– Burns & Fires
– Explosions
– Scaffolding fails & collapses
– Falls from heights
– Vehicle accidents (during work)
– Repetitive stress & anxiety
– Toxic chemical exposure
– Slick surfaces trip, slip or fall

Moreover, if your accident occurred during off hours while you were not working, you are probably not likely to be eligible for benefits. However, if your work duties aggravated or caused an exacerbation a pre-existing injury, you may be eligible. This is even if the original injury occurred long before you started your job. All in all, work place injuries are fact specific and each case needs to be properly examined by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Report Your Ybor City Work Accident

There are strict timelines apply in Florida workers’ compensation claims that you must comply with in order to preserve your claim. For example, you have thirty days to report your work accident to your employer. After you report your work accident, your employer must file the claim with its workers’ compensation insurance carrier within seven days of the reporting. The insurance carrier then has fourteen days in which they have to report your claim to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.

However, if your employer fails to report your work accident injuries to their insurance carrier, you then may need to file your work accident claim with their insurance company directly. Generally, it is best practice to speak with an experienced Ybor City workers’ compensation attorney before trying to handle your work accident claim by yourself.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available?

If you are injured due to a work accident in Ybor City, you are generally entitled to the following benefits:

Medical expenses: The Workers’ compensation insurance company should pay for all of your reasonable medical costs that arise from the on-the-job injury. This could include but not be limited to your doctor’s visits, any hospitalization, diagnostic tests including but not limited to x-rays, MRIs, and CTs, medications, and any physical therapy.

Wage loss: Your work injury may have left you temporarily disabled. The workers’ compensation benefits should pay about two-thirds of your average weekly wage. This typically occurs until you are medically cleared to return to your job. However, if your disability resulting from you work accident is permanent, but you can still return to work in some other capacity, your wage loss benefits will depend upon the disability rating given to you. This disability rating is typically provided by a physician. If you can never return to work in any capacity, you may be entitled to wage loss benefits that last the rest of your life.

An experienced Ybor City workers’ compensation lawyer can help you maximize your benefits by ensuring you have proper documentation to describe your workers’ compensation claim. Examples of this could be your medical records and testimony for witnesses. It is always recommended to see an approved doctor and follow the treatment protocols recommended.

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