5 Ways To Document Your Injuries After A Car Accident

5 Ways To Document Your Injuries After A Car Accident

Sadly, car accidents happen far too often throughout the Tampa Bay area. Medical bills can be expensive and you deserve to be compensated for pain and suffering. This should be in addition to lost wages and future medical expenses. Although it should not be this way, you do have to prove that you were injured as a result of the accident. To prove your injuries, you must document them. Therefore, here are five ways to document your injuries after a car accident.

Ways To Document Your Car Accident Injuries

1. Take pictures of your injuries. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, can be worth thousands of dollars. Make sure to take pictures of any bumps, bruises, breaks, stitches, and scars.

2. Keep a journal. Some injuries cannot be seen. Be sure to keep a journal of your mental state, any headaches, and internal aches and pains.

3. Have your doctor document your injuries. Typically, each visit, your doctor you are treating with for your car accident will keep notes on your condition. This is often times the most common way for accident injuries to be evaluated. And, often times, if you do not treat, the opposing party will try to argue that you must have not been that hurt. Therefore, it is important to be accurate and not have gaps in treatment.

4. Get films. X-Rays, MRIs, CTs and other testing can often show what is going on inside the body. Make sure to get films, especially if you are in pain.

5. Tell your car accident attorney. Be sure to reach out and let your car accident attorney know how you are feeling. It is important to let them know so they can express these medical issues properly. Although they are not physicians, your accident attorney can at least make sure that the insurance company is aware of your injuries so they know what the look for in the doctor’s records when evaluating the claim.

Common Injuries After A Car Accident

When you have two, and sometimes multiple, large multi-ton objects crashing into each other, injuries can result. Although it may be called a car “accident”, that does not mean that you should not be properly compensated. Make sure that you properly document those injuries so you are able to collect what you deserve. Some common injuries after a car accident include but are not limited to:

– Head Injuries

– Concussions

– Traumatic Brain Injuries

– Bone Breaks & Fractures

– Bruises, Abrasions, & Lacerations

– Neck Injuries

– Back Injuries

– Knee Injuries

– Shoulder Injuries

– Internal Injuries

– Wrongful Death


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