5 Ways You Can Hurt Your Accident Claim

5 Ways You Can Hurt Your Accident Claim

I have said many times that insurance companies are typically for-profit companies that are in the business of saving money. Saving money involves paying the least amount possible in damages for your accident claim. Although it is a difficult time in your life, many times you can prevent arguments that the insurance companies will try to make against your claim. Your accident claim is very similar to a blanket, and the insurance company is looking for any thread they can pull on to pay you less than you deserve.

Posting On Social Media

I typically refer to social media as enemy #1 when it comes to accident claims. All jokes aside, the insurance companies and their investigators search social media for anything they can find to use against your claim. This could be you doing a physical activity or telling a family member you are “doing okay.” I tell clients from the beginning that it is best not to post on social media until your claim is over. If you absolutely must post, be sure to avoid posting anything about how you are doing or you doing any physical activity. One post could cost you thousands of dollars.

Not Attending Treatment

Insurance companies love to mention gaps in treatment and when you miss your appointment. In their eyes, if you are not attending treatment then you must not be that hurt. We know that is not the case, however, that is one of the most common arguments I come up against. Although appointments can be difficult to attend and real life happens, it is important to follow the treatment plan laid out by your physician as closely as possible.

Lifting Weights Too Soon

Many are very active and enjoy going to the gym. They may like to lift weights or do cardio. It is so important that you avoid these activities and make sure to speak to your doctor before going back to physical activity. It can be much harder to prove you have a neck injury if you are bench pressing 225lbs. Therefore, be sure to speak to your doctor before returning.

Not Telling The Truth To Your Attorney

It is important to be honest with your attorney when it comes to your accident claim. This could include but not be limited to prior injuries and prior accidents. It is your attorney’s job to put forward your case in the best light possible. It is hard to do that if they do not know all the facts. It may be a difficult conversation but it is always be better to be on the offensive and prepare arguments to these potential issues than being on the defensive and look as though you are trying to hide something. People do forget things, such as minor accidents, but do your best to be honest with your accident attorney, it can be a large benefit in the end.

Not Hiring An Accident Attorney

Hiring an experienced and qualified accident attorney is so important from the beginning of your claim. If you broke your arm, would you fix it yourself? Of course not. You would call a qualified orthopedic to help you. Accident claims are similar. You want someone that knows the in’s and out’s of a claim and can lead you in a direction to get the maximum compensation. The insurance company is going to use every argument they can to devalue your claim, some you may not even think of. Have someone fight for you!


You need someone that is going to stand up for you when it comes to your accident claim. I understand that the process after getting into an accident can be difficult and stressful. You likely have questions and few answers as to the next steps to take. Allow me to be there for you from the beginning. I offer a FREE no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your claim. I will review your accident claim with you personally at one of the office locations in TampaZephyrhillsSaint PetersburgWesley Chapel, BrandonClearwater, Plant City or Sun City Center. Cannot make it to me? I will come to wherever is convenient to you at NO charge. You deserve to be compensated and I want to get justice for you!

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