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Kevin L. Sullivan II, Your Reliable Truck Accident Attorney in Gibsonton, FL

If injured in a Gibsonton truck accident, you will likely experience physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Contact Kevin L. Sullivan II, your trusted truck accident attorney in Gibsonton, FL, to help guide you through the legal complexities!


Kevin L. Sullivan II is an accomplished personal injury attorney, with an established history of success in truck accident cases. With unwavering determination and commitment, Attorney Sullivan fights hard for maximum compensation to help victims of truck accidents get back on their feet again.

Common Truck Accident Injuries and Their Devastating Impact

Due to the tremendous forces involved, truck accidents often cause more severe injuries than car crashes. Here is an overview of some common truck accident injuries and their potential outcomes:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)


Traumatic brain injuries range from mild concussions to life-altering conditions, and symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and difficulty focusing. 


Spinal Cord Injuries


Truck accidents often involve forces powerful enough to cause significant spinal cord injuries, leading to partial or complete paralysis and necessitating extensive medical treatment and support, plus lifestyle modifications as a result of such trauma. 




Crush injuries often lead to the need for amputation of limbs, an experience that requires extensive physical and emotional rehabilitation to adjust to life with prostheses.


Internal Injuries


Internal injuries can be hard to detect and may require time for symptoms to appear.


Breakage of Bones


Truck accidents often result in fractured bones that require surgery, and rehabilitation and cause great discomfort and limitations to everyday activities.

Truck Accident Injuries Stretch beyond Physical Concerns 


The effects of a truck accident extend far beyond physical injuries; victims and their families often face significant emotional and financial strain after an incident occurs.

Emotional Trauma

Truck accidents often have devastating psychological repercussions that have long-lasting ramifications on mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Loss of Earning Potential

Serious injuries sustained in truck accidents may prevent victims from returning to work for extended periods or permanently.


Mounting Medical Bills

Truck accident injuries typically require extensive medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing care.


Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Serious injuries can rob people of their ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed.

Kevin L. Sullivan II Can Assist Gibsonton Truck Accident Victims


Being involved in an accident can be overwhelming. Kevin L. Sullivan II understands this and works tirelessly to ensure you do not have to face legal complexities alone. Here’s how he can serve as your advocate:

Meticulous Investigation


Kevin L. Sullivan II and his team will conduct a detailed investigation of the accident scene, collecting evidence such as police reports, witness statements, truck driver logs, and maintenance records to ascertain its cause and identify all liable parties involved in your collision. This meticulous approach builds a solid basis for your claim.

Navigating Complexities


Truck accident cases typically involve multiple parties, including the truck driver, their employer, and potentially even manufacturers of the vehicle or its parts. Kevin L. Sullivan II has extensive experience handling these complex cases and holding all responsible parties accountable.

Negotiation Strategies


Insurance companies representing trucking companies often employ aggressive negotiation techniques and offer inadequate settlements. But Kevin L. Sullivan II, your trusted truck accident attorney in Gibsonton, FL has an established record of successfully representing his clients to obtain fair settlements that reflect all their damages.

Trial-Ready Representation


Should negotiations fail to produce an equitable solution, Kevin L. Sullivan II stands ready to represent your interests before a judge and jury. His courtroom experience and tireless commitment guarantee you quality legal representation during court proceedings.

Maximizing Compensation


Through negotiation or court representation, Kevin L. Sullivan II strives to secure you the maximum compensation. This may include reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering damages, property damage claims or long-term care needs related to your accident.

Convenient Locations


Kevin L. Sullivan II provides accessibility through offices located in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, meeting clients at their homes, hospitals or doctor’s offices at no extra charge to make this difficult time easier for everyone involved. He can even meet you there to offer extra convenience during this trying time.

Why Choose Kevin L. Sullivan II 

Kevin L. Sullivan II is an excellent choice when dealing with the aftermath of a Gibsonton truck accident, here’s why:

Experience is of the Utmost Importance


Kevin L. Sullivan II has established himself as one of Florida’s premier truck accident litigators, known for achieving excellent outcomes for his clients in Florida truck accident litigation cases. With extensive knowledge in personal injury law and expertise with complex litigation processes on trucking accidents, Attorney Sullivan ensures his clients receive optimal treatment.


Relentless Advocacy


He is passionately dedicated to protecting the rights and obtaining compensation for his clients despite opposition from large trucking companies and their insurers. Kevin L. Sullivan II may feature past results he’s achieved for clients with similar truck accident injuries on his website, which can provide valuable insights into his effectiveness at managing cases like yours.


Client Testimonials


Kevin L. Sullivan II has earned the trust of clients through his dedication and success in helping truck accident victims recover. These testimonials stand testament to this.

Don’t Let a Truck Accident Derail Your Recovery in Gibsonton


Don’t allow an unexpected truck accident to derail your life in Gibsonton. If it has happened due to someone else’s negligence, take control of your recovery by fighting for compensation from those at fault. 


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